NYF 3D Printed Collection (2013) by Ludovico Lombardi and Hannah Soukup

3D fashion collection designed for the New York fashion week

Manufactured by Materialise
Photographed by Vital Agibalow and Michael David Adams 

The design for the neckpiece and belt began as a spontaneous collaboration between Ludovico and Hannah as a method to integrate 3d printed elements complementing Hannah’s Supima Design Competition Capsule Collection for MBFW 2013, NY. The collection theme was “Insides”- exploring the hidden physical and personal inner self. This unique human self, which is often draped with exterior layers of life and superficiality, reveals itself outwardly in waves of transformation and possibility. The neck and belt pieces are designed as fluid shapes inspired by curvilinear transitions and gradient forces that form articulated and elegant DNA-like ornaments. The design is shaped on multiple scales and mimics the continuous morphing between one part and another, uniting to create a coherent whole. The variation of materials in the garments, neckpiece, and belt is unique yet transitions, creating a symbiotic “one”, where individual parts, ornamentation, texture, structure and material become a unified collection.

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